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The facilitating of my writing comes from a whole team backing. I must explain that the novels are completely fictional and the first of the series follows a story line which pivots around a Ski Project. Even so, especially for the further novels, the sequential of the timeline does flow in line with significant researched historical events. And, for that reason the literature also brings alive poignant parts of our heritage.

Below, I would like to speak of our real working activities which we, as a group of like-minded souls, have been a part of.



From my own experience of running a Resource Centre, bringing together a dance group, and using choreography skills to help with Children's work,it has meant working in a variety of situations alongside other volunteers and professionals. Most occasions ran smoothly and were enjoyable, but there were times of challenge, which as a group wishing to be honest with one another, we were willing to investigate the finer details of why things were less than ideal.


To help with such work, we developed a basically structured self-improvement course. It was especially useful for those working on joint ventures.


As a result of the success of this, we turned our attention towards the environment where we lived. Using the good model established in the 1980's of the Neighbourhood Watch, which safely helped us to work in liaison with the Police, we developed the original idea into more of a community cohesion programme, the vibrance of which, kept the initiative far more active.


It helped people to communicate with each other and evoked a warmer atmosphere in the areas where we lived. Neighbours got involved with yearly fund raising events, or were willing to create an extra splash of colour with street parties to celebrate national Royal events.


The ventures have taken us down roads of acquiring Grant Funding for items such as notice boards, the website, and on going training of groups and individuals.


Because of our enthusiasm, I was asked to train as a Community Advocate

and acquired a B.Tec Level 3.

Judith and William explain the idea of Neighbourhood Watch in the video.

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Our ideas may be SMALL but I've found that when we get the chance to bring them together in a mix of teamwork

the opportunities can grow and grow

Innovation award




For further details of the informal improvement course for groups or individuals please see the 'Defining Lines Programme' page.


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