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I would like to introduce myself, I am Gillian, I live and work in North East Lancashire, and I would like to welcome you to browsing this site.


The website has been created in order to explain a little of the world behind the writing of four novels.


'In The Mingled Midst' is published and there are three more to follow, all of which are explained on the Publications Page.

Myself or other team members are able to attend Events to Speak on any of the topics featured on this Website.


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"In the Mingled Midst" is the first novel of a four part series. They are designed for entertainment value, but also carry a few underpinning factors to consider.


My passion to write flows from my own experience and that of others, and follows many years of working with various groups of people. Our working together led to a certain level of trust, enabling a better depth of honesty. It led us to develop a self-improvement scheme, benefiting ourselves as individuals, and also lends itself toward helping groups to work better together.


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The first novel was originally designed for use as background material to the Defining Lines Programme. It helps with examining current rapidly changing social factors, and generates consideration of what could be alternative ways to counter any downward flowing trends.


Our team-work moved on, using skills learnt, to employ them in a practical way, developing community cohesion programmes in the localities where we lived. It was successful enough to be accredited with a national award. Details of how all this was achieved is featured on the ABOUT Page.


There is also a website that gives much more detail www.brunshawneighbourhoodwatch.co.uk .


Below are some examples of engagements

connected to the literary work:

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My writing influence, although inspired by personal practical experience, was helped along the way by William Hindle, often called Bill. He was an eminent English Literature Scholar, Teacher and well-known local Shakespearian Actor.


Sadly, William incurred a very short lived battle with cancer, in the winter of 2013. The same happening to my brother only four years later, which teaches us all the limitations of life and its valuable commodity.


My appreciation also goes both to Judith (William’s wife) for continuing to support the literary work, and to the wider team of colleagues for their background experience and qualified knowledge.

Burnley Literary Festival

Radio Lancashire Interview

prior to the Workshop - 'Literature of Everyday Life'

Thank you to Waterstones, Colne Bookshop and Burnley Library for hosting book signing events